TCBC Winter Workshop Concerts

unnamedTwin Cities Bass Camp is holding its Winter Weekend Workshop January 6 – 8, 2017

. The weekend will feature three faculty concerts that will get the year started properly. All three will take place at Walker West Music Academy in St. Paul, MN.

Friday January 67:00 pm

  • Doan Roessler (St. Paul) performs his own compositions and improvisations alone and with Nathan Hanson, saxophone
  • Etienne Lafrance (Quebec) will play a wide ranging set featuring his own compositions and pieces by Ravel, Fauré, Telemann and Rabbath. Etienne will be accompanied by Craig Randal Johnson on piano

Saturday January 77:00 pm

  • Maggie Hasspacher (Ann Arbor, MI) will perform a program of old (J.S. Bach and Adolf Misek) and new (Rebecca Saunders and a piece of her own). Maggie will also be accompanied by Craig Randal Johnson
  • Sandor Ostlund (Waco, TX) will knock you out with a top-secret set of music

Sunday January 83:30 pm

Suggested donation of $15 for each concert.

Important News About TCBC 2017

fb_img_1470345091566I (Doan) and everyone who has helped make TCBC a reality for the last four years want to thank all of you for your help and support. In 2013 TCBC started with just 13 students and 4 faculty members. In 2016 we had about 85 bass players at TCBC. It’s been a highlight of my life to get to know and make music with so many amazing people, so it’s very difficult to write that there will be no TCBC in the summer of 2017. I have some other important things happening in my life between now and next summer which will make it impossible for me to dedicate the time and attention needed. We will be having a special Winter Weekend Workshop though – info just below!

Winter Weekend Workshop
January 6, 7, & 8 2017

Registration is quite limited so please sign up soon! The faculty is amazing, including some folks TCBC attendees are familiar with (Maggie HasspacherDoan Roessler) and some extraordinary people who haven’t been part of TCBC before (Etienne LafranceAnthony CoxSandor Ostlund) and possibly more! We will be holding the workshop at Walker West Music Academy who are very generously sponsoring the event by offering us the use of their facility.

Tentative general schedule:

  • Friday evening concert
  • Workshop Saturday morning and afternoon
  • Saturday evening concert
  • Workshop Sunday morning and afternoon
  • Final concert late Sunday afternoon
Register now to save your spot – it’s going to be amazing.


There are three full scholarships available – one from Nick Lloyd Basses, one from All Strings Attached, and one from John and Lynne Bulger. To apply, send a short (2 minutes or less) video of you playing the bass and a short essay (2 pages or less) telling us how playing the bass has impacted your life, and why attending TCBC this summer is important for you. Deadline is June 1st. You can send your application to


There are also partial need-based scholarships available. Please get in touch with Doan through the contact form on the site or at for more information.

TCBC Fundraiser!

billy-mclaughlinOver the last 3 years Twin Cities Bass Camp has inspired, educated, and created a community of hundreds of bassists around the country. To support TCBC’s mission this year and into the future we’re holding a fundraising event that you’ll never forget. This is a great opportunity to meet other bass and music lovers, connect with the TCBC community, and find out how you can get involved with the inspiring work we’re doing. Tickets are available online and only in advance – please help support our students and TCBC’s mission to educate, create community, and have fun!


We are truly privileged to have Billy McLaughlin supporting TCBC in this way. He is an inspiration. For twenty years Billy McLaughlin astounded audiences around the world with his complex and rhythmic music. In 2001, he was diagnosed with Focal Dystonia, an incurable neuromuscular disorder that rendered him unable to play his own music. By 2002, Billy McLaughlin’s career was over. In 2006, he began a comeback doing the unthinkable – relearning his songs one note at a time with his opposite hand…  don’t miss this opportunity to encounter Billy and his music and to support Twin Cities Bass Camp!


Weird, Wacky, and Potentially Dangerous!

Rabbath, dates, registration!

Three big pieces of news for you all!

  • Francois and Sylvain Rabbath will be joining us at TCBC 2016! Francois will be teaching masterclasses, Sylvain will be accompanying him (and us), and they are bringing a brand new musical project to share with us! (more about that soon)
  • TCBC 2016 will take place from July 22 – 26. Location will be announced soon.
  • Registration is open! Register ASAP to receive early bird discounts
final concert

TCBC 2016 needs your help!

Hello TCBC family,

Work for TCBC 2016 has begun! I’m really excited for another great summer together and I know many of you are too! In order to make this happen for the fourth (!) year in a row, I could really use some help. Would you be interested in being part of making the best week of the summer happen? If so, please get in touch with me ASAP via the contact form on this site.

Things I need help with include improving and maintaining this website, social media, marketing and promotion, fundraising/sponsorships, and administrative/organizational work as we get closer to the week (dates will be announced soon!).

Thanks! I’m really looking forward to seeing all of you in a few short months!

François Rabbath! Registration’s open!

FrançoisRabbathI’m so excited about TCBC 2014 – our faculty’s incredible, just like last year except more. But unlike last year we’ve got FRANCOIS RABBATH joining us. He’s going to give daily masterclasses, lead a teacher training workshop, and give a concert that you will never forget with his son Sylvain accompanying him on piano. Placement in his masterclasses and the teacher training course are first-come first-served, so now’s the time. Head on over to the registrationTCBC_ID_FINAL-15 page and get ready for what will be the best week of summer!